About Association

The Association of Anesthesiologists of Yugoslavia was founded in 1966   on the basis of agreement made by Sections of Anesthesiology of   particular republics. In the following year, the first Congress of the   Association was held in Belgrade, and the Articles of Association was   passed at the Assembly meeting that preceded the Congress. The Articles   implied that so-called inter-section meetings should take place every   two year and the Congress should be held every four year.

During its second Congress in Opatija, the Association established a   special award called “Medal of Dr. Ivo Betini”, after the first   anesthesiologist from this region who used ether for anesthesia in   70-year old woman in the place Zadar, only four months after the   introduction of general anesthesia.

Upon the breakdown of Yugoslavia, the Association kept on working under   the same name, although its activities involved only two remaining   republics. In 1992, the Articles of Association was adopted which was   harmonized with newly arisen circumstances, and the Congress organized   by Association took place in Vrnjačka Banja in 1998. At the Assembly   meeting held immediately after the Congress, the Chairmanship of the   Association was relocated to Montenegro, and in 2002, the last Congress   organized by the Yugoslav Association of Anesthesiologists was held in   Cetinje.

Since 2002 till these days, the Chairmanship of Association has been   seated in Belgrade. In 2004, at the extraordinary session, the name of   Association was changed into Association of Anesthesiologists of Serbia   and Montenegro. In the same year, III symposium under the title   Anglo-Serbian Days of Anesthesia was held in Belgrade. In June 2006,   upon Montenegrin referendum on secession, the state of Serbia &   Montenegro was no longer operative. It reflected the very Association   which prepared the organization of the forthcoming congress. The   Chairmanship members from Montenegro decided to establish their own   organization and consequently, they withdrew from this Chairmanship.   During the month of July, the members of Chairmanship from Serbia   decided to keep on working under the title Association of   Anesthesiologists and Intensivists of Serbia.

Until the breakdown of the former state, no association in our country   was legal entity. All accounting transactions and payments were   completed through Yugoslav Medical Association. With such breakdown this   Association stopped working as well and some professional societies had   no legal basis any more. During summer 2006, Government Decree   proclaimed that all federal institutions should become republic   organizations; accordingly, in September 2006, our Association was   registered with the Ministry of Local Self-Management under the title   “Association of Anesthesiologists and Intensivists of Serbia”.

Since its establishment, the Yugoslav Association of Anesthesiologists”   released the scientific journal Anaesthesiologia Iugoslavica”, and since   2000, the Journal was renamed to Anesthesia and Intensive Therapy.

During the term of current Chairmanship, the Association has reentered   the international institutions from which it had been expelled due to   arrears. The representatives of Association have been again involved in   the activities of UEMS, ESA and FEEA, and in 2007, the Association has   joined the network of educational centers for “young leaders in   anesthesia” organized by World Federation of Anesthesiologists.

Instead of “Medal of Dr. Ivo Betini”, the Association established the   award “Medal of Sever Kovačev” after the first professor of anesthesia   in Serbia, which is being awarded on the occasion of congresses and   conventions.

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