EDAIC Part I & ITA – Registrations & Webinar


Dear EDAIC Part I / ITA Host,

Please note that the online individual registrations for the EDAIC Part I 2018 opened two weeks ago. Online registration deadline is 12 June 2018 23:59 CET. Several centres are already full, so we encourage you to inform your residents to register as early as possible.

The online individual registrations for the In-Training Assessment are also open and the deadline is also 12 June 2018 23:59 CETIf you wish to register an ITA group, the updated form is attached to this mail. Application deadline for ITA groups is 15 May 2018.

Please note that the centres selected to offer the EDAIC Part I & ITA on computers this year are: Ankara, Cork, Freiburg, Hamburg, Jakarta, Msida (Malta), Nijmegen and Yerevan. These centres will offer the examination in the following languages: English, German, Russian and Turkish (instead of the usual 11 languages). All other centres will have the exam on paper as usual.

Webinar: for the first time, a webinar on how to succeed at the EDAIC will be held on 9 April 2018 13:30 CET. As a Host, you may be interested in attending and could also share this information with your residents. This webinar is free and we can only encourage you to disseminate the attached information!