First time in Serbia: The European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (EDAIC part I) was held in Military Medical Academy in Belgrade

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At the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, on September 20th 2014 The European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care exam (EDAIC part I) was held for the first time in Serbia. Six candidates, four from Serbia, one from Croatia and one from Kosovo attended the exam. The host and promoter of the exam was Dr. Vojislava Neskovic from Military Medical Academy, while the supervisor and guest of the event was Dr. Bazil Ateleanu from the Great Britain. The exam was organized according to all the requirements of the Examinations Committee of the European Society of Anaesthesiologists (ESA), who is responsible for the supervising, coordinating and advising on the organization of the exams for the European Diplomain Anesthesia and Intensive Care (EDAIC).Belgrade, Serbia and the Military Medical Academy have joined other European centers that support education in anesthesia and intensive care and are committed to promoting high standards in the education for anesthesiologists. Additionally, Serbian and other European anesthesiologists, particularly those from our region, have reached an opportunity to take the exam in our country. In the forthcoming years, we do hope that an increasing number of candidates will select Belgrade and the Military Medical Academy as the examination center for EDAIC, which will further promote Serbian anesthesia in Europe.