Trainee Travel Fellowship


Dear NASC members,
As you all know our annual congress, Euroanaesthesia 2022, in Milan will happen soon. We would
like to welcome as many trainees as we can in the congress.
The Trainee Committee within the ESAIC is offering 20 travel fellowships to trainees. The fellowship
includes the free registration and additional 300€ for travel and accommodation.
We would like to encourage you to share this letter and the opportunity to apply for the travel
fellowships in your society and network.
We would especially like to invite and welcome trainees from lower income countries to apply to the
travel fellowship. The travel fellowship is an excellent opportunity to provide financial support to
trainees to attend the congress. Applications will be scored with the following criteria:
• Participation in courses during Euroanaesthesia
• Year of residency
• Presentation of an abstract during Euroanaesthesia
• Previous participation in Euroanaesthesia
• Member of the ESAIC Trainee Network Social Media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and
• Country where residency is taking place
• Participation in ESAIC Trainees Committee Activities (please specify)
• Previous application to Representative of Trainees Committee
Trainees who would like to apply for the travel fellowship need to:
1. Copy of ID card or passport
2. Confirmation of position and place of work from the Chair of Department
3. A cover letter of maximum 200 words including details relevant to the application criteria
above) and explaining why you want to attend Euroanaesthesia 2022 and how participating in
the congress will contribute to your training. In this statement, please provide the necessary
information to score your application, based in the criteria mentioned above. Please add your
ESAIC Membership number to you letter.
4. Return the following documents as a single PDF File to
You can find further information on the official webpage HERE.