(English) Join the campaign to protect ketamine access!


Join the campaign to protect ketamine access!
The WFSA is leading a campaign against the threat of international restrictions on ketamine.
If the current push by the Chinese government to have ketamine ‘scheduled’ by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) is successful, medical access to ketamine will become severely limited.
Ketamine is absolutely vital to performing surgery in countries with limited hospital resources. As you may know, unlike other anaesthetics, ketamine does not require a reliable electricity supply, oxygen, highly trained staff, or monitoring systems to administer. That makes it the only safe form of anaesthesia in many low and middle-income countries.
As a global alliance of anaesthesiologists, the WFSA will launch a social media campaign on Tuesday 1st/Wednesday 2nd December 2015 to raise awareness about the threat to ketamine and allow anaesthesiologists and medical staff around the world to voice their opposition.
A Ketamine Campaign Resource Hub has been set up on the WFSA’s website to allow interested parties to learn more about the crisis and take action to prevent ketamine being scheduled.
The WFSA is asking those who oppose the international restriction of ketamine to print this banner, take a photograph of themselves and their location, and upload it onto social media on Tuesday 1st/Wednesday 2nd December with the hashtag #KetamineIsMedicine.
For more information on the WFSA’s advocacy work, please visit our advocacy page.