ESA and SAAI Study endorsement


Dear colleagues,

The European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) is launching several trials.

MOPED Study:  Management and Outcomes of Perioperative Care among European Diabetic Patients.

ENCORE Study: Effects of aNesthesia in COloREctal cancer outcome trial.

ARCTIC-I: Anaesthesiological Routine Care In Cerebral Ischaemia

EPIS-AKI: Observational study to evaluate the EPIdemiology of Surgical-induced Acute Kidney Injury.

ESA Research Team are:

Prof. Max Bell – ENCORE Study Chief Investigator

Prof. Donal Buggy – MOPED Study Chief Investigator

Dr. Andreas Ranft – ARCTIC-I  Study Chief Investigator

Alexander Zarbock – EPIS-AKI Study Chief Investigator       

The Serbian Association of Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists are happy to endorse these studies.

National coordinators are:

  1. MOPED study: prof dr Nebojsa Ladjevic;
  2. ENCORE study: prof dr Ivan Palibrk;
  3. ARCTIC-I study: Asis Prof dr Tijana Nastasovic;
  4. EPIS-AKI study: Assoc. Prof dr Dejan Markovic;



Prof. dr Nebojsa Ladjevic

President of Serbian Association of Anesthesiologists and Intensivists