ESAIC / EBA meeting Fatigue project-NASC web event



Dear colleagues

Fatigue and nighttime work are issues of great relevance for our profession as they affect both anesthesiologist wellbeing and patient safety.

ESAIC and EBA have decided to join forces in conducting a project on these topics with the strong support and collaboration of the NASC Committee.

The project involves data collection through surveys and is ultimately intended to develop recommendations. To this end, the ESAIC group developed one survey on the impact of nightshift on patient safety and the EBA group 2 surveys on the impact of fatigue (one for consultants, one for trainees), that explore these issues from different perspectives.

All these surveys are important for the shared project as they collect different information.

We ask that you disseminate all 3 surveys among the members of your national societies and your colleagues in your country. You might have already completed these questionnaires; we would greatly appreciate if you can encourage those that have not already responded to one or both these surveys to complete them.  The higher the response rate the better equipped we are to influence a safer working environment and better patient outcomes. This is their opportunity to express their thoughts on the matter of work-related fatigue, nighttime working conditions, and the potential impact these may have on patient outcomes and on our own safety. We ask that you ensure their voice is heard.

With shared forces, the two Societies will be able to formulate recommendations for management and regulation, thereby improving the well-being of both our professional community and our patients.

Below please find the link to the 3 surveys.   To participate copy and paste the link in your browser.

The ESAIC Survey on Night-time work (for both trainees and consultants):

The EBA survey on fatigue for consultants:

The EBA survey on fatigue for trainees:

To further promote better understanding of the implications of fatigue on patients’ and healthcare providers’ safety and on the proposed surveys, the NASC is organizing an open web event. This will be a 1 hour meeting on March 3rd, 2022 starting 4 pm (CET). Prof Ioana Grigoras, Dr Nancy Redfern, Prof Sharon Einav, Prof Andrea Cortegiani and Prof Peter Kranke will provide short reports (8-10 minutes) on various aspects of the impact of fatigue and on the proposed surveys, followed by an open discussion to hear your suggestions and address your questions.

Provide the following link to your national contacts and promote the largest participation.

I look forward to meet you soon in the NASC web initiative

With my very best regards

Federico Bilotta