World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

Dear Colleagues

The WFSA could not deliver its mission without being a Federation of Member Societies. Our membership is our strength and as a growing Federation of 135 Societies from across the world we have much to be proud of.

Of course we need your help to demonstrate the pride and the unity of our specialty and our unique global network. As an example of a very simple way to promote and strengthen our Federation, the WFSA constitution under ‘Art. 2.7 Rights and Duties of full member societies’ states that a WFSA Member Society will:

“…agree to refer to itself as “A Member of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)” in relevant literature, on its website(s) and in publications and to link to the Federation website”.

The Constitution was last approved by our General Assembly in 2016 and can be seen in full via the WFSA website at https://www.wfsahq.org/about-us/constitution. As a Member Society of the WFSA, we thank you for including the WFSA in your relevant links on your website. We ask that you please update your website to acknowledge your membership of the WFSA on your homepage or other prominent location. Attached is a logo to display your status as a member and this should be linked to the WFSA website using https://www.wfsahq.org/. The logo can also be used in other relevant literature and publications.

We hope that you will take this opportunity not only to meet constitutional obligations but to proudly display your membership of the WFSA. This is our Federation so please take this step to help ensure that we can demonstrate our unity and our work together to achieve our shared vision of universal access to safe anaesthesia.

Kind regards,

Dr Gonzalo Barreiro

WFSA President