CERTAIN Workshop 2019


June 20th, 2019 Ljubljana, Radisson Blu Plaza hotel

With great pleasure we invite you to Mayo clinic CERTAIN Course of
structured approach to critically ill and injured patient.
Checklist for Early Recognition and Treatment of Acute Illness (CERTAIN)
is a quality improvement program that offers a systematic approach to perform
an initial assessment and ongoing evidence based management of the critically
ill or injured patient.
CERTAIN Course is delivered by Mayo and regional faculty on selected US
and international locations in partnership with host institution or organization
Expert lectures (on-site, remote and/or recorded) on key domains:
standardization, implementation science, informatics, quality
improvement, education and research
Hands on workshop containing mentored experiential learning at local
simulation facility
Admission module
Rounding module
CERTAIN checklist and decision support
Point of care ultrasound as a stethoscope
Panel discussion on key topics including shared decision making,
prevention of nosocomial complications, end of life care etc.
Participants eligible to become recognized as CERTAIN Trainer
The Course is suitable for all Physicians, caring for acutely Critically Ill
patients in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments.
You can register and find all additional information at our official website:
Organized by:
Mayo Clinic METRICePM Group in collaboration with
Neurological Intensive Care Unit, Department of Vascular Neurology and Neurological
Intensive Care, University Medical Centre Ljubljana

Save the date – 2019 CERTAIN workshop!

Mayo clinic Global CERTAIN course flyer