We are very glad to invite you to the 1st South Eastern European Joint Meeting of Thoracic Anesthesiologists and Surgeons, which will be held in Split, Croatia, 6 – 8th April 2016.
In the past year we have identified several similarities between the countries of the South Eastern Europe (former Yugoslavian republics, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania) but very little established collaboration. Therefore the main purpose of this meeting will be to strengthen our connections and to establish new collaboration in training and scientific research within the South Eastern Europe.
Thoracic surgery is becoming one of the most evolving surgical specialities. The newest technological possibilities enable us to move forward from open surgery to minimal invasive and non-intubated procedures.
Minimal invasive VATS is a future to believe in!
Knowledge, expertise, confidence and dedication are our leading ideals. These qualities can bring you on the steep learning curve of progress. Deep confidence among members of a team is indispensable when dealing with the airway and respiratory organs. Confidence in the operating theatre has brought us to the idea of an open talk between thoracic surgeons and anesthesiologists during the meeting.
There will be a number of lectures, presented by internationally respected experts in thoracic surgery and anesthesia, and also workshops. Participants will have many opportunities to exchange experiences and meet new friends during social events.
On the last day we are planning to make a live video session of VATS lobectomy from Clinical Hospital Centre Split.
You will enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and nature of Split in the early springtime. Split is the second largest city in Croatia, located on the Adriatic coast, centred on the Roman palace of the Emperor Diocletian.
Looking forward to seeing you in Split!